April 21, 2021 in Adult Education Videos

Hearing God: Week #2

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What Clutter are You Keeping?

In our second week exploring hearing God, we examine some of the things that can cause static to occur in our attempts to hear God’s voice. We look at six traps that stop us or prevents us from hearing God and three hindrances that slow us down or make it more difficult for us to hear God.

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  1. Trap of Hurry & Busyness
  2. Trap of External Distractions
  3. Trap of Not Recognizing God’s Voice
  4. Trap of Our Mindset
  5. Trap of Trying too Hard
  6. Trap of Presumption


  1. Hindrance of Runaway Emotions
  2. Hindrance of Wandering Thoughts
  3. Hindrance of an Empty Spiritual Life

What traps or hindrances often get in your way of hearing God’s voice?

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