All PADS church sites are CLOSED, including UPC PADS Site.
Guests are housed in motels as Lake County PADS
moves toward having a fixed site location.
UPC PADS continues to provide support to PADS clients!

“For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was
a stranger, and you invited me into your home.  I was naked and you gave me clothing”
Matthew 25:35-36

UPC PADS site service to PAD Lake County clients October 1991 to October 2023:

United Protestant Church had partnered with St. Gilbert Catholic Parish to host PADS guests since October 1991.  With the support of other organizations, families, and individuals in our area, UPC PADS fed and sheltered guests at least one night each week from October through April.  From March 2020 to October 2021, all church sites were closed due to Covid-19, and PADS clients were housed in motels.  UPC PADS continued to provide food, clothing, and other necessities to the PADS clients during this time by working directly with PADS staff to meet the clients’ needs.

During the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 seasons, families with children and some other clients were still housed in motels.  Churches were asked to open their doors to the many clients for whom motel rooms weren’t available.  Most churches were unable to open due to the lack of a sufficient number of volunteers.  The UPC PADS Site partnered with St. Mary of Vernon Catholic Church for both seasons, providing enough volunteers from our site for their larger site to open.  We donated food, clothing, and other necessities to clients/guests who came to that site.  UPC PADS continued to make donations of these items to clients in motels by working directly with the PADS Lake County staff.

October 2023 and moving forward: 

Continuing to follow the words of Jesus, PADS Lake County is housing clients in several hotels in Lake County with the aid of special grants and donations as work continues toward having a permanent fixed site in Lake County.  UPC PADS and other churches, organizations, & individuals continue to provide food, clothing, and other necessities to clients in the PADS programs.  This type of support is expected to be needed year-round even after the fixed site is in operation.


Providing Advocacy, Dignity, and Shelter, PADS Lake County offers a comprehensive approach to combating homelessness with the compassion and respect we all deserve.  “‘Helping the Homeless Find a Way’ is far more than just a tag line.  It speaks to the very heart of our unwavering commitment to helping people achieve the best lives imaginable.”

Ways to help PADS clients:
  1. Get involved: Collect and/or purchase food items that are on the UPC PADS Food List and deliver them to United Protestant Church, 54 S. Whitney St., Grayslake, IL, or to PADS Lake County, 1800 Grand Avenue, Waukegan, IL.
  2. Spread the word about the need for donations of food and other items which can be found on the PADS Lake County website wish lists.
  3.  PRAY for the clients and the PADS Lake County staff & programs that help.

For more information and/or to participate in this ministry, contact Rose Pech., 847-223-8131, ext. 17 or email [email protected].