Adult Mission Trip 

Mayfield, KY

The adult mission trip for 2022 will be to Mayfield, KY.  We will be helping the Kentucky victims of the December 2021 tornados.  We leave on Sunday June 26th, work Monday through Friday and return on Saturday, July 2nd.

Cost: The entire fee of $125 is due to IKC (Indiana-Kentucky Conference) June 8th.  The fee needs to be accompanied by the completed 3-page IKC 2022 form. (See link at bottom of page) All volunteers will also need to have had their background check completed in that time frame. Instructions for doing the background check are on the form.   Space is limited so let Rick know as soon as you decide to participate.  If cost is keeping you from going, there are scholarships available.

Lodging:  We will be staying in a church.  Bunk beds and Posturepedic mattresses are provided.  Plan on bringing your own linens.  More info on which church we are staying at will be available as we get closer to the start date.

Meals: We will most likely be making our own meals.  We can designate a cook or share the cooking.

Sign up procedure:  Everyone needs to fill out the 3-page IKC Work Camp form.  (See link at bottom of page) You can mail it in with your check to them.  If you haven’t had a background check in the previous 5 years, you need to have one done.  The work camp application form gives you instructions.  It costs $12.  Our volunteers from last year’s Detroit trip have up to date background checks.

Additional paperwork:  The Long-Term Recovery Group will most likely ask everyone to fill out an additional one-page form so please be aware of this.

Type of Work:  We won’t know the exact types of work we will be doing until we get close to the date.  Typically, we work on siding, soffits and drywall installation. It sounds like plumbing and electrical is provided by professionals.

Tools: They have a tool trailer, but it won’t be as well stocked as we are used to.  Feel free to bring tools.

This opportunity is open to all UPC members and non-members alike, so feel free to invite others to join us.

Each volunteer is to complete this form (