Adult Mission Trip 

Mayfield, KY

The adult mission trip for 2023 revisited Mayfield, Kentucky, where an F4 tornado ripped through their downtown just before Christmas in 2021.  The funnel was 1 mile in diameter at that point. They will need at least 5 years to recover.
Our team of 10 spent much time at Rickie’s house.  Seven of his family members huddled in their tub with another 2 also occupying the bathroom during the storm. Two days later he and a friend replaced the roof on his garage so family members who lost their homes would have someplace dry to store their belongings.  We had the privilege of replacing siding on the garage as well as installing soffit and facia to its roof.  Rickie was at the house while we worked.  He is a very resilient person with a tremendous attitude!  He is disabled but has been raising his grandson for a number of years and is a pillar for his family in general. His house which lost one porch corner post was at the edge of the funnel as it passed through town.  The next house lost its porch.  The second house past his is now the last home as you go into the downtown.  All others were destroyed.  Various groups are building new homes but it will take years to bring Mayfield back to what it once was.

Rickie’s house was one of 5 work sites where we completed repair projects. Multiple groups are building low-cost homes so that residents can return.  The group we worked with is focusing on restoring homes that were damaged but repairable.  The people of Mayfield want to stay in their city.  Here are pictures from 2023. Click on picture to see all 7.