April 29, 2021 in Adult Education Videos

Hearing God: Week #3

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Adjusting Your Antenna

In our third week, we begin exploring how we recognize God’s voice. The video begins with a discussion of how God approaches us compared with the evil one. We then move to a brief description of recognizing God through the content of His message. We can recognize God’s voice, because He speaks in relevant ways to our time, resources, circumstances, and comprehension.

Watch the Lesson Here.

God message is relevant to our:

  1. Time
  2. Resources
  3. Circumstances
  4. Comprehension

God speaks in His own established ways.

We recognize God’s voice through its content.

  1. God reveals more about who He is.
  2. God’s voice gives us guidance.
  3. God Guides us with “Yes” and “No” answers.

We look forward to continuing our discussions Sunday after the service and on Wednesdays at 7:00 on Zoom.

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